2402 College Hills Blvd. Bld 2
San Angelo, TX 76904

Jose Soto

Jose Soto
Jose Soto
2402 College Hills Blvd #2
San Angelo, TX 76904
325-939-1977 [cell]

21 years old. 

Born in Durango, Mexico. 

Fluent in Spanish and English.



Raised in a poverty stricken town, and probably the smallest you've ever heard of (population of less than 40 people!). 


Immigrated to the greatest country in the world at age of 8, and to San Angelo at age of 14.


Graduated from Central High School in San Angelo, and started a small business at age 19. 


Ever since my first job at age 15 and my venture as an entrepreneur, I've gained knowledge and skills in these areas:


-Overall business management

-Time management and efficiency

-Risk management and investment strategies

-People skills

-Recognizing key market trends and activities 

-Marketing and advertising


In today's market, you will need someone who is up to date with new technology, and who is adept at all the modern networks and social media. I strive to be both up to date and in line with trends, but also provide professional service in every way possible. 



My faith: 


I am a devout believer in God, and He is who my life revolves around. I do not seek success, riches or fame.


I seek to glorify God through how I live life. My success is to live my life according to his Word, his will, and his purpose. 


I have been attending Church of Pentecost for over 5 years. I am very active in my church, and I love to be there. I encourage anyone to come and be a part of the praise, worship, and preaching of the Word of God. 


As a Man, I hold myself to a high standard. As a REALTOR®, I have a duty and responsibility to my community and my profession. As a child of God, I am held to the highest standard in this world. I will continually walk forward in hopes to fulfill all my duties to myself, my community, my profession and my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 



NOTE: 10% of My proceeds from my commission will be donated the local religious organization:


Church of Pentecost, San Angelo 2028 Edmund Blvd.